The job is being performed by UNICO MECHANICAL; a local company based in Benicia, California specializing in engineered rotating equipment, along with key SFMTA personnal.

The gearbox for the California Line will be the first of the 5 gearboxes (one for each line and a backup) to be removed and refurbished. The gearbox is the white component the workmen are sitting on.

The bolts holding the half sheaves together are removed and the bottom half supported while the upper half is hoisted out first. When bolted together these sheaves have a diameter of 14 feet.

The shop floor was prepared to handle the extra weight by reinforcing it with heavy duty I-beams and 1/4" steel plate on September 5 & 6, 2017. Note the new steel plates.

Here the lower section of the sheave being removed.

The sheaves were put on a 50,000 lb. capacity transport cart and hauled out of the building to be inspected for flaws.


the System